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Swatches, premier event of the headlining 3-0WHOP, was an extravagant showcase for musical artists and clothing brands alike. Held at one of the most prominent lounges in DC, The Black Cat, there were a wide range of talent brung together to put their work on display. Head of the Whop, Artshow OGK, and founder of NotAlone Nomad The Native constructed the show and filled the venue with nothing but quality. His MiNK brand was one of the vendors in attendance. With unique one of a kind pieces, he came to represent. Being that we at Ninth Life had the opportunity to work with OGK on prior projects, he extended an invitation that we could not ignore. Ninth Life was in full effect at Swatches, and we couldn't have been more appreciative of the experience. Other brands also came out strong, such as District Dojo, who had one of the most aesthetic set ups we've ever seen including floor mats and table throws, as well as LastNiight, extension of Parallel Diamonds.

There was nothing but greatness to grace the Swatches stage. From open to close, the energy was amped. You heard some of the most popular music this night, including "Loafing" by Artshow OGK, "Loving the Dough" by ChoGod and Rezt, as well as "Houdini" by Mike of Doom to name a few. Showcases naturally are for people to familiarize themselves with underground talents, mixers that have people come out, take a seat, and observe. But Swatches was quite the contraire. The artist were extremely interactive. Jump into the crowd, rage in the moshpit, chop with the creative next to you. This was a constant theme that kept everyone interested and into the performances.

Realizing the potential of an event to this degree, Artshow and the Whop did an amazing job bringing the people together for the culture. Being in such an artistic ambiance and environment you would have never known this was the debut event for the 3-0WHOP collective. The first of many to come. In today's day and age being able to apply yourself with other people in similar fields as you is imperative to the success of your endeavors. 3-0WHOP provided a platform for the whole DMV to come out and support one another. An ongoing issue in the fore-mentioned area is the lack of support and the quote, crabs in a bucket, mentality. But when you have events like these with people like this, you have to think we are moving in the right direction.

Much love to those who participated in Swatches, such as Artshow OGK, Mike Of Doom, Rezt, Cisero, Big Kane, ChoGod, Mikey $avage, Nomad the Native, Beau Young Prince, Sean Thom, Reaves, District Dojo, LastNiight and EternalDC.


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