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Recently, Ninth Life got an opportunity to sit down with musical artist and producer Nimbu$, leader of the No Zebra$ Movement. From Silver Spring, to Baltimore, then stretching to New York, Nimbu$ is making power moves to better his music and his brand. His most recent single, Albuterol, can be found at Ninth Life was graced with an interview from the star on the rise.


NL: Whats Up Bro! We want to thank you for your time first and foremost. Our camp feels like the world needs to know Sepiroth Nimbu$ and what he brings to the table. When did you first discover your talent?

SN: Most Definitely. Thanks for having me. I used to always freestyle with my friends back in the day but never took hip-hop very seriously. I was always intrigued with hip-hop as a sport and artistry but never made my own music until recently. My talent was founded in November of 2011. I was in Atlantic City at the time and it was the day after I saw the Watch The Throne tour. I was amazed at the visuals and how the entire show was put together not to mention I’ve always been a huge Ye & Jay fan but seeing them on that stage demonstrating such chemistry made me realize that I wanted to make music for a living and be able to perform my art for venues everywhere.

NL: Motivation for sure! I know that concert was life changing. Speaking of two of the greatest in the game referring to Jay Z and Kanye West, who would you consider inspirations to your music?

SN: My inspiration comes from a lot of places. I watch a lot of indie films, listen to jazz and watch anime in my spare time. I also listen to a TREMENDOUS amount of music while I create my own records. I would say all of these things influence me and inspire me.  MF DOOM & Kanye West are my favorite rappers but when I’m creating music it comes from a state of consciousness where everything that makes me who I am plays a pivotal role in my art. Films and animes like Pulp fiction, AKIRA, Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, and Gurren Lagaan all play a role in my music. When it comes to who inspires me musically I would say a lot of older artist paired with some new ones. Bands like Earth, Wind & Fire, Seawind, Hiroshima are all dope to me and also other hip hop artist like Q-Tip, 88 Keys, Pusha T, & Lupe Fiasco just to name a few.

NL: By the sounds of it you have influences everywhere. Makes for a very versatile type of music. A lot of artists are confined to one genre and can't expand out of that lane. With that being said, if you could work with any artist of your choosing, who would it be?

SN: If I could work with any artist it would have to be my friend Kieron. He passed away before we got to make incredible music but he left me all of his beats on a flash-drive and one day I hope to get them mastered so everyone can hear what incredible talent he had.

NL: Gotta respect it. When you have that deep of a reason to create it results in greatness. What a way to break into the game. Tell us more about yourself, what is your most recent project?

SN: My most recent project I put out was a project I dropped in 2012 called AFICIONADO. The sound of this record was a luxurious jazz feel that came with braggadocios lyrics. Since then I have dropped countless singles and videos. I have endless EP’s  in the works with many different artist and producers from all across the World. Since AFICIONADO I have probably recorded 100+ records and made around 4 albums but none have been released.

NL: That's a lot of work in the vault! Through all of your recordings, do you have a personal favorite?

SN: My personal favorite project is a project that hasn’t been released yet but will be my feature length album, its called “Albuterol”. Albuterol is the medicine inside of inhalers that gives asthmatics or people with breathing disabilities help breathing.  I want this album to embody my sound, something that is sonically refreshing; but also out of the norm.

NL: A new sound is definitely necessary to listeners of hip hop. Can you describe your sound as a whole?

SN: The sound I’m on now I refer to it as luxury bounce.. When people hear my music I want them to instantly get up out of their seats and bounce with me. I want the energy in the room to be felt through everyone.

NL: Dope man. We are looking forward to the work you have coming for the world. In conclusion, what do you want to be known for? What will be the reputation of Nimbu$?

SN: I want to be known for what I create, I want it to touch people. Art is subjective and not everything you make everyone is going to appreciate or like for that matter. I think the trick is finding that person or audience who loves what you do, that’s what I do this for; in hopes it touches someone or helps them through their day.


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