Yeezy Season 2 Review

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Kanye West's highly anticipated second season of apparel with Adidas was visually released to the public Sept. 17 2015 all across the world. The camp's of both Ninth Life and Youth In Numbers were in attendance for the Washington, DC viewing at the Mazza Gallerie. The creations of West's vision can be seen as inspiration and innovation, yet also over hyped and misunderstood in a different light. Always seeing the glass half full, creatives of all different crafts globally got a chance to witness a process that they to want to be a part of. With an aesthetically balanced presentation and precisely cut designs, Yeezy Season 2 was enjoyable from likes of high end designers, music artists, and business owners, to the upcoming creatives, underground legends, and the new generation as a whole. Wests concepts included earth toned neutral colors, oversized garments, and distressed pieces..sounds like same old season one right? But in this presentation, West offered a new color pallet. He also incorporated a more fit design to his oversized clothing, a sharp high cut on women pieces, and new outerwear pieces for men. Season 2 adds another stamp of legibility to the simple fact of being able to put an idea into the universe and making it happen. There are examples of success everywhere you look. We all want our own success. We all want to put our stamp and signature on to something and be proud to have it. 

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